Ankle Boots


Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

For the driven freelancer at the peak of his career, architect or young designer, our low cut Ankle Boots provide a casual, versatile and durable option (especially in the colder months of the year). If the plan is to get outdoors, go knowing that we’ve got you covered.

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Origins of Ankle Boots: the low boots

It’s 1949 and Nathan Clark presents a model shoe at the Chicago Shoe Fair for the first time; it’s that same model that becomes the iconic Ankle Boots that we enjoy today. He was inspired by his fellow colleagues in the British Army who had returned home from duty wearing the same suede boots which had been specially made in a Cairo bazaar. The rest is history.

Ankle Boots in men’s fashion

In the 60s and 70s, Ankle Boots exploded into fashion due to their popularity among music and movie stars, such as the Beatles and Steve McQueen. Our Milan of the 1980s saw the start of the “Paninari” movement which was inspired by American mass culture: cinemas, fast food hamburgers, bomber jackets and Ankle Boots were just some of its core traits. From this the Ankle Boot became synonymous with politically active university students in the liberal arts.

How to match these

Each Ankle Boot in our collection is made with suede leather and given a Vibram rubber gumlite sole. Our Ankle Boots are perfect for casual styling, indoors or outdoors. Pair them with a mismatched ensemble, chinos or jeans.