Belgian Loafers


Belgian Loafers

Belgian Loafers

The modern, style-conscious man wears our low-cut, no lace men’s Belgian Loafers. They’re designed for our special collection in collaboration with Fabio Attanasio and are made for summer. Wear them without socks on long weekend walks by the lakefront.

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Where do Belgian Loafers come from?

Belgian Loafers were designed by Henri Bendel in New York City in the 40s as a softer variation of the already existing male Loafers. They were then handmade by Belgian artisans for that period. They’re very unique, even today.

How we make them

We use two types of leather: whether it’s polished binder or waterproofed suede leather. Just like our other shoes, our leathers are the best available. Our men’s Belgian Loafers come with a leather sole and are handmade with the ‘blake-rapid’ artisanal technique making them simpler to resole.

How to wear them

You're the modern dapper gentleman who appreciates the finer details. Our leather Belgian Loafers strike the perfect balance between elegance and refinery and will certainly set you apart. Slip them on in summer and don’t worry about your socks.