Double Monk Straps


Double Monk Straps

Double Monk Straps

Classic man? Indeed, but also very suitable for our modern world. They go perfectly with a suit for work or at a formal social event. Our leather Double Monk Strap shoes are the definition of elegance.

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Why are they called Double Monk Strap shoes?

As the name suggests, these particular shoes were indeed used by monks. It is understood that centuries ago, European monks preferred them over sandals as they provided more protection when working in the fields. They were durable and the strap meant you didn’t need to replace laces.

How they’re made

They’re handmade by our Italian artisans who select only the best leather available. Our Double Monk Straps’ construction changes depending on the sole: we use the ‘blake-rapid’ construction with leather soles, and the ‘blake’ binding with our rubber soles.

How to match them

Among classic men’s shoes, the leather Double Monk Strap is one of the most elegant dress shoes for men. They’re also quite versatile. Match the leather soled ones with a suit at your friend’s wedding or to a busy week at the office. Then, wear some suede Vibram rubber soled ones with a pair of jeans on a weekend trip away.