Laced Boots


Laced boots

Laced boots

The coldest months of the year will often bring rain and snow, and every man needs a pair of winter shoes with a strong and durable sole. Above all else, he chooses our men’s Boots for his motorbike trip up the mountains, that weekend stroll through the city, and long hikes by the lake, because they’ll take him anywhere.

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The history of Boots

Around roughly 1200 AD in Eastern Asia, noble horse owners were easily distinguishable from the crowd due to their leather ‘gutul’ winter boots. Fast forward to today and high Boots can be seen with a lateral strap and are famously referred to as the ‘pirate boot’. Then, in the USA in the 1800s Boots became the footwear of choice for the Cowboys of the Wild West.

Who was the icon of men’s Boots?

In the world of movies and rock music, there are particular shoes that become synonymous with famous rebels and alternative icons. When you think of the humble pair of leather Boots, it’s David Bowie.

When shall I wear them?

They’re made for winter and especially for life outdoors. Besides casual walks on the weekend, you can also wear them at the modern office where a suit isn’t a prerequisite. And, if you love riding motorbikes, these are the shoes for you.