First of all

Our five golden rules


1. Treat your customers as you’d like to be treated

From sales to communication, we pay attention to the product: shopping should be easy. We expect our brand to communicate at a personal level — close to its customers — and to know their preferences. We want to be close, like a good friend.


2. Shopping needs to be fun

Our collection values tradition, but we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. For us, the whole Velasca experience needs to be about quality, but also be personal, easy, and fun.


3. It’s made in Italy only when every single step happens in Italy

Inside our tiny artisanal workshops in the heart of Italy, the century-old tradition of making shoes is handed down from generation to generation. Our products are handmade in the region of Marche, from start to finish.


4. Create a positive work environment, where everyone in the team is encouraged to make something amazing

A relaxed and positive work environment helps us to think big — the sky’s the limit. We’re all young Italians who quit our previous careers to create something together. And now we’re family. You’ll often find us shooting hoops and trash talking during lunch breaks.


5. Get out of the office

We don’t want to be slaves to our desks. We want to be involved in every part of the process, to know everyone who makes our dream possible. We value the people and the art of shoemaking, not just the bottom line.

Why the name Velasca?

After the Second World War burnt Milan to the ground, the locals erected the Velasca Tower as a powerful symbol of Milanese innovation and rebirth. Throughout the 1950s, it was commonly referred to as the “skyscraper with suspenders”.

Just like the tower, craftsmanship emerged from the destruction of war to be a pillar of national industry. It helped to rebuild Italy after the war, only to be later crushed by something else — mass production.

So we started from there, inspired by the Torre Velasca — a symbol of Milanese strength, resilience, and skill. Like the tower, Velasca represents innovation and rebirth, restoring the value to traditional craftsmanship and high quality products.

Who founded Velasca?
Enrico Casati

“I’m very passionate about digital and new technologies. We keep on looking for new ways to make the artisanal world easier for everyone to access”

Jacopo Sebastio

"I’ve always loved revolutionizing the world of shoe and fashion. I like to learn people’s tastes and the way they differ from country to country, without any middle-man"

I want a change

Thinking of working at Velasca, and being part of our family? Let us know by sending an email to !. We are always on the lookout for new people who think big.